The steel industry is subject to a particularly high number of safety and environmental regulations. Additionally, the public expects the industries to reduce their energy consumption and emissions. In a world of fierce competition within steel industry, any means to decrease operating costs and improve productivity is to be considered.

Steel plants face very high investment costs. The investments pay off if production runs without interruptions, with every standstill having a direct impact on revenue. Machine elements are expected to run reliably for a long time, and there's more. The components and lubricants are subject to high temperatures, high loads, water, steam and aggressive media. Lubricants used in steel production must perform effectively around the clock and under harsh operating conditions.

The choice of right lubricant can reduce wear reliably, even under the harshest conditions and increase the lifetime of components considerably. Furthermore, high-performance lubricants reduce the consumption and help protect the environment. All these factors not only increase the availability of plants, but also increase the profit.

Products for All Applications:

1. Greases for agglomeration, continuous casting, cold rolling, hot rolling
High-performance lubricants for agglomeration, rolling, casting applications

2. Lubricating oils for regulator bearings
Circulation oils with longer service life, anti wear properties suitable for regulator bearings

3. Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids
excellent hydraulic fluids which limit the risks of a fire spreading in the event of a leak.

4. Insulating fluids for Electric Discharge Texturing machines
used for die manufacturing process requiring super finish.

5. Industrial Gear systems
gear oils for systems working under heavy loads, high temperatures.

6. Prelubes
lubricants for protecting and mild forming of steel and electro-galvanized sheet metal in iron and steel industry and the vehicle manufacturing sector.

7. Protection oils
used to protect components from the risks of corrosion during storage and transport

8. Roll Grinding
used for ferrous and hard metals grinding.