The daily paper requirements of our modern society require huge quantities to be produced by paper and tissue manufacturers. The constantly changing paper industry is facing a major performance challenge. To help the manufacturers optimize paper production, lubricating industries have developed oils, greases and specialized services.

Given the high level of competition in the paper sector, any shutdown or malfunction of the machines required to produce paper would cause major financial losses for the firms. Thus special lubricants are developed get the best output of the equipments and increase the productions of the industries.

The specially developed lubricants maintain the machines’ level of performance, despite high temperatures or pollution from your factories, such as humidity or corrosive atmospheres.

Products for All Applications:

1. Circulation oils
Lubricating oils for paper machines of latest technologies optimizes the performance of equipment, extend its life and reduce maintenance costs.

2. Oils for open gear units
Provides excellent protection for gear units operating under heavy loads and at high temperatures.

3. Oils for hydraulic circuits
Guarantee optimum performance of hydraulic equipment, an unrivalled service life for the oil and a significant reduction in maintenance costs, contain no heavy metals or zinc salts, safeguarding people's health and preserving the environment.

4. Greases for wet areas
High-performance grease specially developed for lubricating bearings subjected to heavy loads at high temperatures in dry or wet areas of paper-making machines. These are suitable for use at extreme pressures, exceptional water resistance, excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties.

5. Open gear oils
Lubricants offering high performance at high temperatures, high speeds and at extreme pressures.