Health and safety are priorities for food, drink and drug manufacturers. Standards of cleanliness and hygiene are as important on the shop room floor as in hospital operating rooms. Lubricant leakages and maintenance are an inevitable part of all industries. So the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries have additional challenges in selecting the right lubricants to do the job.

Food-grade lubricants perform the same technical functions as any other lubricant: provide protection against wear, friction, corrosion and oxidation, dissipate heat and transfer power, be compatible with rubber and other sealing materials, as well as provide a sealing effect in some cases.

In addition, different applications within the food and drugs business demand that lubricants resist degradation from food products, chemicals and water/steam, must exhibit a neutral behavior toward plastics and elastomers, and have the ability to dissolve sugars. These oils must also comply with food/health and safety regulations, as well as be physiologically inert, tasteless, and odorless and internationally approved.

Products for All Applications:

1. Oils
Oils for maintaining hydraulic systems, gearboxes, compressors and pneumatic equipments.
2. Greases
Greases for roller and other bearings, pellet presses, seamers, bottling equipment, sterilizers, furnace bearings and deep-freeze tunnels.
3. Special Products
Cleaning and rinsing fluids, sugar dissolving emulsions, antifreeze, heat transfer fluids.
4. Aerosol
Lubricates and preserves, and is ideal for preventing rust and displacing water from equipment parts.


High performance lubricants for the most exacting operating conditions on bottling and seaming production lines: presence of water, sweetened or acidic juices, extremely high production speeds and heavy loads.



Product Applications:

Superior quality lubricants for beverage packaging-Bottles: lubricants for traditional gear motors, worm drives, conventional bearings, water bearings and submerged bearings. Drinks cans: drive gearboxes, compression tables, seaming rolls.



During production runs, fruits and vegetables are processed at very high speed. Canning and deep-freeze equipment has to operate under extreme conditions: heavy loads, wide temperature ranges and the presence of juices, fruit or vegetable residues, water and steam.



Product Application:

High performance lubricants meeting the requirements of major equipments during food processing applications: Seaming, Sterilizing, Deep Freezing.



Lubricants withstand the constraints encountered in all bakeries and biscuit factories: presence of flour and dough residues, very high oven temperatures, high humidity in drying ovens and very low temperatures in deep-freeze tunnels.



Product Applications:

High performance lubricants meet requirements of equipments in all stages: Make-up stage, Proofing and Cooling, Baking and Deep Freezing.



Superior quality lubricants meet requirements of the equipments in the industry. The various steps of cocoa processing present critical points of lubrication where a food contamination could occur. Internationally approved lubricants suitable for incidental contact with food, can minimize product loss and prevent damage and ensure safety.


Products for All Applications:

Superior quality lubricants meet requirements of equipments and are suitable for applications in Grinding Mills, Cocoa Presses, Refiners, Conches, etc.