Extreme conditions require special solutions. Therefore specialty lubricants are developed for the chemical industry which withstands high pressure, high temperatures and aggressive media. This helps to increase the availability of production equipment and at the same time save costs.


These are formulated to optimize the performance and operating life of equipment, which is subjected to severe stress when producing nitrogen fertilizers, particularly in terms of pressure, temperature and compatibility with ammonia and the catalyst.

COMPRESSORS: The oils are compatible for use in centrifugal and axial compressor.





ROTATING MACHINERY: Provides Superior performance for turbines, specially lubricated turbochargers and centrifugal and axial compressors.





GREASES: Suitable for the applications of ventilators, pumps, electric motors, open gear of dryers, rotary coating machines, granulators, belt conveyors etc. Also serves the general lubrication purposes.






PHARMACEUTICAL AND COSMETICS: Component safety and the management of contamination risks are one of the main concerns, which is why there are full ranges of products meeting the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements on the market, so that our clients can benefit from a series of quality certificates and international standards.


TURBINES: Specially developed for gas and steam turbines, combined cycles, separately lubricated turbochargers and centrifugal and axial compressors.





TURBO COMPRESSORS: The oils are suitable for turbomachinery operating under very severe conditions, particularly very high temperatures.
Its high resistance to oxidation considerably extends operating life.