Greater productivity, improved and innovative technologies and reduced environmental impacts are the major challenges the car manufacturing industry has to face. In this context of constant change, Total Lubrifiants is a reliable partner for manufacturers.

We are at your side to recommend high-tech lubricants, monitor your test campaigns and provide you with our oil analyses to improve the availability of your production tools.

Our logistics and technical assistance activities will guide you in your technical improvements and your economic optimization.

Our Products for All Applications: 

  • Hydraulic System: High temperature and pressure conditions, systems sensitive to deposit formation.

  • Industrial Gear: Resistant to heavy loads, high temperatures and exacting environments.

  • Turbine System: Turbine oils guard against corrosion and harmful deposit buildup to protect and prolong the service life of expensive turbine equipment.
  • EngineEngine oil performs a number of functions in the engine: lubrication, cooling, cleaning, sealing, corrosion protection, noise reduction and propeller operation.

  • Maintenance Greases: They are commonly used to protect bearings and support various grease points on aircraft. 

  • Heat Treatment: Heat Transfer Oil for use in secondary & indirect heating system.