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Petro-Canada’s PURITY FG Trolley Fluid is a food grade fluid used to lubricate hook and trolley systems in meat processing operations. PURITY FG T... 


Petro-Canada’s PURITY FG Trolley Fluid is a food grade fluid used to lubricate hook and trolley systems in meat processing operations. PURITY FG Trolley Fluid is formulated to deliver tough protection and long service life.

PURITY FG Trolley Fluid’s performance results from more than 30 years formulating experience. Using the HT Purity Process, PetroCanada produces 99.9% crystal-clear base oils – among the purest in the world. Virtually free of impurities that can hinder fluid performance, these crystal clear base oils are fortified with a tenacious tackifier and specially selected anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anticorrosion and lubricity additives.

The result is a food grade trolley fluid that protects against wear, rust and drips in the toughest meat processing conditions.

Features & Benefits:

Wear Protection - extends trolley life, which can help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs

• Maintains full lubrication, even under heavy carcass loads

• Special lubricity additive reduces bearing friction to prevent “sliders” – sluggish or sticking trolleys

• Anti-wear additives provide tough protection from pin and bushing wear

• Corrosion Resistance - protects chains and trolleys from rust, even in the wettest operating conditions

• Strong anti-corrosion additives prevent corrosive wear, extending the life of chains and trolleys, reducing maintenance costs

• Protects meat products from contact with rust particles and other metal oxides, reducing production wastage

• Drip Protection - protects meat products from fluid contact

• Formulated with a special tackifier that strongly adheres to metal surfaces

• Tenacious resistance to fluid drips and throw-off from chains

• Protects meat products from fluid drip contamination, reducing production wastage

• Trolleys clean up quickly and effectively

• Reacts quickly with caustic washing solutions to form a detergent that aids in the removal of residual fats, oils and other residues

• Balanced fluid acidity protects against rapid depletion of caustic chemical cleaning solutions

• Highly stable when heated and exposed to water - extends fluid life in heated storage tanks

• Exceptional thermally stability, oxidation stability, and hydrolytic stability

• Allows fluid heating, without compromise to fluid life or performance

• Rapidly separates from water and does not form emulsions or sludge in oil-water bath systems

• Reduces fluid consumption and system cleaning expenses

• Remains fluid at low temperatures

• Ensures proper lubrication and smooth, uninterrupted trolley operation in chilled storage and low temperature production areas

• Highly resistant to foaming and air entrapment

• Protects pumps from fluid starvation and cavitation in centralized lubrication systems

• Storage tanks can be filled quickly and easily without interruption

• Tasteless, odourless and non-staining

• Wipes up quickly and effectively in the event of incidental contact with meat products

• Fully approved for use in and around food processing operations

• H1 registered by NSF

• All fluid components comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 “Lubricants with incidental food contact”

• Certified Kosher and Pareve by Star K

• Fits perfectly in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) plans

• Acceptable for use in food processing facilities in Canada.


PURITY FG Trolley Fluid is recommended for lubricating hook and trolley systems in meat processing operations. It can also be used as a low viscosity lubricating fluid for chains and conveyors, and as a rust protective oil.

PURITY FG Trolley Fluid may be applied by submersing trolleys in a heated fluid tank at temperatures up to 85°C (185°F), by brush or drip feed, or by a centralized lubrication system.

For the lubrication of chain and conveyor systems requiring a higher viscosity fluid, PURITY FG Chain Fluid Light or Chain Fluid Heavy is recommended, reference IM-7896 Tech Data.

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ 40°
K.Viscosity cSt cSt @ 100°C
Viscosity Index,ASTM D 2270
Pour Point, °C
Flash, °C
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